I seem to have been slacking. Over the course of the last month, I have been going through some really treacherous problems. Let me fill you guys in.

  • I successfully completed all 30 days of Know The Writer. I know, nuts! I never finish anything I commit to.
  • My husband had an affair.
  • My car broke down and I received another one as a “gift.”
  • I have really been struggling with my disorder. More on that in the Know The Writer series.
  • I received shocking news from a family member.
  • I revealed the release date for Forgive My Gypsy Heart.
  • Oh! I am working on a chapbook, ^^^
  • I released a full length poem from said book for National Poetry Day.
  • I have spent 80% of the last month in a vegetative state.
  • I lost 5 years of photos.

What would you like caught up on first? 🙂

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