After receiving an overwhelming amount of feedback on WordPress, my fan page, and my personal inbox, it was clear that there were some things that needed clarification.

I’m a compassionate asshole. My oversized heart has been my downfall many a time. I love. I hate. I am strongly opinionated. But I will always give someone the opportunity to educate me. If I don’t agree at the end, shit happens. No one will ever agree on everything. I like to consider myself a very open minded individual. Despite what people may think I consider myself a humanitarian.

I am not a mental health expert by any means. This entire blog series is just a documentation of what I go through on a day to day basis. I may throw in some advice here and there, but do not take my word for gold. See a professional. Educate yourself. I am happy to help and spread awareness, but I just want to make it 100% understood. I am not licensed in anything regarding mental health. I have just learned from my own trial and error.

The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They do not reflect the views of anyone else but my own. I say this because, well, some of the things I discuss may be frowned upon. If anyone must suffer repercussions for my honesty and actions, it will be myself.

I guess that is kind of it. Nothing big for night 4. Just thought it should be said before I got too far. By the way, actually got the house clean today. Chalk one up for me!

Gonna go stuff my face with pizza. Hype, out.