Just an update on the “muffins” rant, I have found a loophole.

350 calories, right? But she didn’t specify how I have to do it. Which means…

(drum roll)

I can just drink a cup of friggin’ joe. Yea, that is right. 65 calories/tbsp of creamer x about 6 equals my 350. No more extra food for this chick right here.

Speaking of coffee, I read about this research that had been done on the soothing qualities of warm beverages. Turns out, the heat mimics the sensation of physical touch between humans, like holding hands for example. Cool, huh?

So the part you have all been waiting for!

Me, myself, and this catastrophic life of mine!

I feel good. The last few days have been really good. J found us a cool little apartment north of where we are now that is both larger and cheaper so we will be moving within the month or so. I’m writing this from my newly renovated office (props to my aunt for all the awesome furniture we made off with today!) J and I have been doing great. We celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary next month as well as a trip to Kan’s ass and the arrival of my first nephew.

So that is how I am doing, what about how I am feeling?

I’m glad you asked.

I’m on an up. I can still hibernate like a bear if I wanted to, but I have had a hell of a lot more energy these last few days. I have only been on Latuda for less than a week now, so I highly doubt it is that.

I also feel as if it can’t possibly be mania. Don’t you think I am a little too drugged up to feel that kind of euphoric high?

Maybe I am finally having some good days. I hate that it is usually only mania or depression. Maybe I have finally been prescribed exactly what I needed to alleviate some of that constant depression.

Whatever it is, it is a damn good day to be this chick right now.

I plan to write and write a lot. I’m entering a poetry contest being judged by one of my most favorite poets. I picked up my book again.

I am going to ride this high until it bottoms out.

So yea, just an update.

I hope everyone else is doing well. If you follow my work, you know that every day just can’t be a good day. But it is those good days that pull you through and help you carry on.

Remember, if you need someone, reach out. I am one click away.